Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amazing race host biking for MS!

Phil Keoghan is biking across the U.S. to help raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. Read more here http://bit.ly/9UrTe Lets keep him in our prayers. I cant ride a bike a mile let alone how far he is. What a great guy. (IMHO). Of course I may be biased I love amazing race!

Monday, April 27, 2009

God is just awesome!

Yesterday at church was good. Not only the message, but it just makes you feel good when you feel like God is really listening. I went forward for prayer. I didnt even get out what I needed prayer for to the person I was talking to, when another person came up and said they had a "word from the Lord" for me. I have to say it was right on (as usual). Only God knows my thoughts, so its so obvious it was from him, considering I had never met the person who had come up to me to give me the word. I felt really good when I left, of course I looked like a hot mess, from crying, but who really cares. God sees us as our worst, and still loves us. Uhh.. its so hard when you desire so much to change, yet it seems like its such a slow process. I quess if it was easy then it would be pointless wouldnt it? Well if anyone actually reads this, keep me in your prayers.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twitter frenzy

Well, when you used to meet people it was common to say "hi" or "how ya been?" Now what your likely to hear is "add me on twitter." I have to admit I had heard of it, but like Oprah, was clueless to what it actually was. I hear the phrase "what are you doing?" being repeated over and over to refer to it, and my thoughts were, well isnt the answer always going to be "typing" duh! LOL It is ironic that its been around for years, but until some celebs promoted it, not many had heard of it. I must admit, I too, am somewhat hooked on the ramblings of others, let alone rambling nonsense myself. Its fun to read what everyone else "is doing." Then again, I might just be really bored, and have no life. (leaning towards the lader). I will admit I was excited when I saw that one of my favorite shows Paranormal State was "following" me. (Yes I will admit they probably follow all those that follow them, but still I could feel special for a moment). I just wonder, how long will this frenzy last. Of course people are thinking it will last quite a while, but I was into myspace and got bored of that too (also I think it got hacked since my name and pw wont work, then again my m.s. brain could have forgotten it, I am writing things down in my blackberry now to help with that). So just curious what are your predictions on how long the frenzy will last? Do you think this time next year people will still be asking "what are you doing?" or even care? Regardless, its all the rage for now, and as sheep we must follow, until something newer and cooler comes along.

So like everyone else I will say Add me to your twitter @JimAndSandy to get caught up on all random dribble.

Finally Back

Well ladies and gentlemonsters, its been a while, as you can see from the previous blogs. Honestly I just figured out my user name and pw again (yeah blame it on the blonde or the Multiple Sclerosis, take your pick, I'll blame either.
Now for an update......
We finally moved back to bako. We bought a brand new house (just built), and yes we have already worn out that new house smell (what do you expect with kids). Happy to be back in town. Closer to the dr office, church, shopping, etc.
I got my pain pump put in, doing MUCH better. For those of you that saw me this time last year you know I was using my wheel chair most of the time, and now....I am not even using my cane much (unless I have to walk far). I have lost 40 lbs (not that I have that much to lose), but due to the meds I just cant eat. Hey if your gona die, I say die skinny (jk jk)
Jim and I are trying to quit smoking. He is doing much better then me naturally. Of course, hes not sitting at home bored all day either. Nor is he dealing with screaming kids (that would drive anyone to smoke) lol jk
Anyhoo, just wanted to update this thing since its been forever. I wrote my username and pw down this time, so I will update regularly!