Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally Back

Well ladies and gentlemonsters, its been a while, as you can see from the previous blogs. Honestly I just figured out my user name and pw again (yeah blame it on the blonde or the Multiple Sclerosis, take your pick, I'll blame either.
Now for an update......
We finally moved back to bako. We bought a brand new house (just built), and yes we have already worn out that new house smell (what do you expect with kids). Happy to be back in town. Closer to the dr office, church, shopping, etc.
I got my pain pump put in, doing MUCH better. For those of you that saw me this time last year you know I was using my wheel chair most of the time, and now....I am not even using my cane much (unless I have to walk far). I have lost 40 lbs (not that I have that much to lose), but due to the meds I just cant eat. Hey if your gona die, I say die skinny (jk jk)
Jim and I are trying to quit smoking. He is doing much better then me naturally. Of course, hes not sitting at home bored all day either. Nor is he dealing with screaming kids (that would drive anyone to smoke) lol jk
Anyhoo, just wanted to update this thing since its been forever. I wrote my username and pw down this time, so I will update regularly!

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