Saturday, December 23, 2006

Whats the greatest gift you can give?

Whats the greatest give you can give? costs you nothing and lasts forever. Think about it. It could end wars, save lives, change lives, heal a broken heart, stop violence, even create something new inside of you and so much more. The thing about love is it was created to be given away. If you hold it in, it doesn't help you or anyone else. I challenge anyone who is having trouble with their child to tell them they love them 10 times a day, and see if the child changes. I believe that love can change anything. Its definitely something that if your wrong, then......well really how can you be wrong? How can giving love to someone else ever be wrong. I don't mean going out and giving your heart away to every tom, dick, or harry out there. I mean loving those around you with your whole heart. I think we could always love better. Commit to love everyone better this year and see what happens. I bet that in that year things will change. No, you probably wont be richer, in the sense of money, but you definitely will be richer in your life. The bible says to "love your neighbor as yourself." That "neighbor" can be a friend, family, maybe that child you see down the street that you know is neglected. Key word "as your self" the problem today? People don't really love themselves. "I am too fat." "I am ugly." How many times have we beat ourselves up over our physical appearance, or some flaw we hate in ourselves? Probably daily (myself included). The thing is these things just don't matter. What is truly important is the heart and attitude. Cut yourself some slack. I mean your only human too, aren't you?

Heres what I suggest:
  • Make a list of the people you could "love better" this year and commit to doing it.
  • Commit to loving YOURSELF better this year and actually to it.
  • Seek out people to love. Love the "unlovable." We all know who they are, you might of seen the homeless man each week on the street. Maybe decide to buy him a meal.
  • Pass it on. Share this article with other people and have them commit to "love better" this year.
  • If you are comfortable with it, keep a prayer diary for those you have decided to "love better" and pray daily for them. I personally have seen this change many lives. Remember you might be the only person on earth praying for that person. Maybe thats all they needed to get their life back in order.
  • If you don't believe in prayer, then do whatever your comfortable with, send warm thoughts or whatever it is you are comfortable with.
How can I "love better"?
  • Pray for the person (if your comfortable with that)
  • Do anonymous things that help them. Maybe send a card in the mail when you know they are discourage (you could say its from you if you want). Little things that don't get notices usually make you feel better because you know you did them. I remember giving a card with money in it to a single struggling mom one Christmas, she never knew who it was from, but the joy in her face was all I needed.
  • Offer to help out when needed. Maybe that over worked, exhausted mom just needs a few free hours, offer to babysit.
  • Say "I love you" to your family at least 5 times a day (if not more). How can it ever hurt to tell our children how much we love them? Our spouse? It just cant. A older child might act like you just exposed them naked in front of the entire school, but inside it feels good and they love it, no matter what they say on the outside. Think of how many times we love to hear our spouse say "I love you" for no reason, it feels good, makes us feel secure and loved. Think what it can do for your spouse and your relationship.
  • There are so many other ways. Just fill a need. Give praise. Look around and listen. You can find 100s of ways to "love better" if you really want too.
If everyone who reads this committed to "loving better" at least 5 people, and because those people benefited from your love, they then start loving better, thing of the chain reaction this could create. I remember a long time ago the "random acts of kindness" movement, or the "pay it forward" movement. Those were awesome. What I am talking about is similar to that and ITS FREE. As I said it costs you nothing, and it lasts forever. The reason this is so different is because what you are doing has a lasting effect on people. The love you give to your child, may seem trivial now, but what if its that love that contributes to them being a successful adult and loving their family? I know many people have heard that when people are on their death beds they always say "I wish I could have loved more." All the working, money, and material things no longer matter, all they can leave behind, is their love. How will you change the world? Many of us will never be celebrities, or someone the whole world knows, but that is not important. You can love who you are around. You don't have to change the world, just start with yourself. Will you commit to "loving better" this year and see how it changes your life?

Feel free to copy and paste this anywhere you want for others to read. Just give me credit for writing it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Old 80s movies

Its so funny my step daughter and I are watching "Pretty in Pink" right now and I am just laughing at all the memories this movie brings back. I told her (shes 16) that I was probably her age when I started watching this movie. Its funny because when I was in high school I was in the same kinda situation. I had this guy who was my best friend and we were really close. He eventually started having feelings for me, but I didn't feel the same way. Crazy the memories old 80s movies brings back!

Finally done shopping!

Well I just got home and im finally done shopping! I am exhausted. Shopping for not only my 7 kids, but all the family and friends etc is so exhausting. Right my its so cold so the arthritis in my knees is killing me, plus the cold makes my MS worse. Its only 6pm and I feel like I could go straight to bed and sleep forever! The only problem is the car is still full of stuff and we have to go get it all out. I not only had to go xmas shopping I had to go to the grocery store and buy all the xmas cooking stuff. OMG there were only 3 turkeys left! Thats what I get for waiting til the last minute. Usually I get the stuff earlier because my hubby's work always gives him a gift card, but this year we gave it to a family in need, so I waited till the last minute. Whats funny is we are from such a small place, that usually is so dead, but today it was a MAD HOUSE! Oh well, I am finally done now!!