Monday, April 27, 2009

God is just awesome!

Yesterday at church was good. Not only the message, but it just makes you feel good when you feel like God is really listening. I went forward for prayer. I didnt even get out what I needed prayer for to the person I was talking to, when another person came up and said they had a "word from the Lord" for me. I have to say it was right on (as usual). Only God knows my thoughts, so its so obvious it was from him, considering I had never met the person who had come up to me to give me the word. I felt really good when I left, of course I looked like a hot mess, from crying, but who really cares. God sees us as our worst, and still loves us. Uhh.. its so hard when you desire so much to change, yet it seems like its such a slow process. I quess if it was easy then it would be pointless wouldnt it? Well if anyone actually reads this, keep me in your prayers.

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